General Practitioners Surgery Groll & Rampp in Taufkirchen

Our surgery is located close to the train station Taufkirchen in the “Eschenpassage“. It was formed more than thirty years by Dr. Krause and Dr. Neumann and passed on to Dr. Urban and Dr. Groll in 2009.

Since then some things have changed. Dr. Urban changed her name to Dr. Rampp due to marriage. You will also see some new faces within our staff but also familiar ones like Mrs. Gabriele Orlowski and Ayse Kayalar (former Yemisci) as our medical assistants.

Education is a matter of heart for us. For that we also employ and educate an assistant doctor. We also serve as educational practice for the “Technische Universität München”.

In our surgery you find the care of a family doctor focussing on internal medicine, minor surgery, a diversity of basic diagnostic procedures and home visits for our immobile patients.

Dr. Groll offers cardiologic diagnostics and treatment (see services).

The facilities have been modernized by now and offer a hopefully cosy and also professional atmosphere. Our services expanded over the last years. Beside of modern devices for ultrasonic examinations, 24 hour monitors for bloodpressure, ECG and sleep for the detection of so called "sleepapneasyndrome" we also offer nutritional coaching by Mrs Groll and Ayse.

We have not changed our location in Eschenstraße 40 and our philosophy focusing on the individual and a highly qualified medical care with grip on reality..

Opening hours: Monday 8.00-18.00, Tuesday-Friday 8.30-18.00