Services Surgery Groll & Rampp in Taufkirchen

Services of the general practitioner (all insurances)

Home visits
Psychosomatic counseling
Laboratory testing of blood, stool, and urine
General check-up (> 35 yrs every two years)
Screening for skin cancer (>35 yrs every two years)
Electrocardiogram (ECG)
ECG on exhaustion
24 hour monitoring of ECG and bloodpressure
Screening for sleep-apnea
Lung function testing
Minor surgery
Disease management programs of national health insurances
Ultrasonic examinations of the abdominal organs
Ultrasonic examinations of the thyroid gland
Psychosomatic counceling
Screening for sleepapneasyndrom 

Additional services of the specialized cardiologist (only private insurances)

Ultrasonic examination of the heart
Ultrasonic examinations of the blood vessels (arteries supplying the brain and extremities, veins from the legs)
Pace maker controle

Additional services not covered by general insurances (IGL)

All services listed above but not within the coverage of insurances e.g. additional blood tests, ultrasonic examinations
Nutritional counseling